Les Luminaires Céline Wright
Inhoma Design & Céline Wright Friday 14 Mar 2014

From Inhoma Design - a French importer based in Quebec - comes a collection of contemporary lighting intended to enhance any architectural project. As admirers of ancestral techniques and noble materials, the founders of Inhoma Design aim to offer architects and interior designers the opportunity to integrate elegant, unique lighting designs with their projects. 

Collaborating with designer and craftsman Céline Wright, this collection of lighting represents a shared taste for traditional techniques transcended into contemporary works.  Working with Japanese paper gives organic shapes to modern architecture, and lends an air of elegance and timeless luxury. 

The origins of Céline Wright's creations come from reviewing and correcting ancestral techniques, paying particular attention to the use to natural and non-polluting materials. Beginning with simple pencil strokes to define the lines of the object, Wright sculpts ‘unique' and ‘lively' using specific materials which allow her to create volumes of space. 

Just as a couturier would work with fabric, Wright ‘listens' to the paper, allowing its capabilities to guide her and believes it to be a ‘forgotten material' in industrial society. This paper, in Japan known as Washi, embodies virtues that are rare in the paper of most Western countries: it is tear-proof, unbreakable, flexible, delicate and functional. Whilst it may appear delicate and fragile, thus allowing it to compete with other better-known materials, Washi is in fact very strong and resistant. 

It is Wright's personal view that craftsmen actively contribute to the decoration and design of a space, noting that craftsmen in Asian countries are designers who create functional and decorative objects using natural materials and sophisticated techniques of fabrication. Adopting an artisanal approach and sticking to sound environmental and sustainable methods of practice has won Wright much recognition in the design world for her creative vision. It also made her an obvious choice for Inhoma; as founder Marie-Laure Laurent explains, they select "atypical creators and craftsmen whose personal story respects the material and who have a taste for independent creation" and rather than their collections merely decorating a space, they have ‘soul'.