Drawing Series
Jinil Park Friday 28 Feb 2014

Jinil Park is a Korean designer and independent artist who majored in metal craft design and mainly uses metal for his works. The concept for his Drawing Series project is, of course, the ‘drawing' and its creation was actually by accident. Park was thinking of making a new project by comfortably drawing lines and in doing so found and realised fun and inquiring moments regarding the strokes that he drew on paper. He personally thought that the outcome of those strokes could bring together an interesting object.

The key point of his work is the moments where lines are distorted. These express the designer's feeling, status, and emotion. In the matter of design, a line plays a very basic but also crucial role because it is an element that generates a standard point for both the beginning and the end of any work piece.

From the sketches of the furniture, originated from the line drawings, Park picked the ones that he liked the most and also the ones that he could create a solid object from. To achieve that solid object, he used different wires with different thicknesses and hammered on different faces of the wires with irregular strength. This was the lengthiest process in the creation of the pieces, but allowed for the wires to look as if they came out from the line drawing.

Collections of the wires created by this process were welded and combined and intersected together. Park created a conjunction of these thin wires that enables human weight to be held and so the 2D drawings were generously materialised to 3D objects.