Bumper Bed
Marc Newson Wednesday 26 Feb 2014

Australian designer Marc Newson has designed the Bumper Bed for French brand Domeau & Pérès. The bed is low to the ground with chunky bumpers created from foam padding and a leather cover over a wooden structure. The bed was created based on his own experiences of having difficulty finding the right bed, to the point that he became so reluctant to purchase he slept on a mattress on the floor. Knowing a large amount of people who, at some point their lives, had slept on a mattress, Newson thought it would be nice to design a bed that could replace this mattress.

The bed is a semi-solid environment, made of polyurethane foam blocks wrapped in leather held by a strap. It is a playful and conceptual product, evoking the feel of a bed boxing ring or a large raft. It gives the sense of sleeping on a mattress, but with more comfort and also with sides that are deep enough to be used as seats. There are also colour variations, with the leather being available in white, dove or chocolate.

Photos courtesy of Marc Newson Limited