The New Old Light Table
KIMU Design Studio Friday 14 Feb 2014

Based in Taiwan, KIMU Design Studio create products that integrate into environments in natural and simple ways, believing that design exists in close proximity with humanity. They have recently added The New Old Light Table to their collection, a follow on from their New Old Light piece.

The idea of the New Old Light project originated from a cross between the Eastern and Western worlds, both geographically and culturally, also reflecting Taiwan. The studio wanted to play the role of an invisible line connecting both worlds. Inheriting the beauty of Chinese tradition and embracing the innovation of western evolution, the project shows the chemistry between the East and the West lighting up the path in design.

The original light used a lampshade with a shape influenced by the traditional Chinese paper lantern, attached to a reflector of complex industrial style. In this way, soft and solid shapes and old and modern aesthetics were combined. The Table involves a black stand, a flat border that allows the light to continue its style in the plane quadrant. A change in wood proportion, produces a feeling of breathing in a virtual space. When the light is switched on, the air particles seem to be paused. The aim is for the product to combine culture difference into cultural balance and to create more possibilities for your lifestyle.