Pedrali Friday 14 Feb 2014

Zippo is a two seated upholstered sofa conceived for office and contract environments, featured by essential and fairly lines.

This is a niche way of getting privacy and being isolated from the surroundings. It may be a perfect place for a meeting, working on computer or talking on the phone.

The height and structure of the side and back guarantee a good soundproof capacity. The seat made of fire retardant polyurethane foam with variable density and the slope backrest offer an extreme comfort. Along the perimeter runs a zip that outlines its forms, so as to define its name.

Zippo is available in two backrest heights (1000mm and 1400mm) and can be upholstered with fabric or similar leather.

designer biog


Pedrali, established in 1963, offers 100% Italian made products internationally. The contemporary design of Pedrali tables and chairs together with the competitive price, satisfies different levels of needs. These characteristics give Pedrali access to different market sectors, for example contract and domestic.

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