Laura Petraityte Thursday 06 Feb 2014

Cabinet-desk by Laura Petraityte is a compact, functional and minimalistic piece of furniture that can be easily transformed into a workplace. Easily assembled, the Cabinet-desk is designed for convenient storage and accessibility. A rigid humidity proof HPL sheet structure attributes to reliable storage capabilities while straight forward hinged joints will save time when putting the product together. Cabinet-desk comes with a built-in LED profile that receives power from the integrated AC sockets. All the elements comprise a compact home workplace that can be easily turned into an enclosed volume for storage, allowing for leisure and work boundaries to be defined.

The hinged desk surface has a double function: in addition to its primary use as a work area it also acts as cover for the workspace. At first glance this piece of furniture gives an impression of a minimalistic bureau, nonetheless it can be rearranged into a modern mini-office in no time. This particular feature is very advantageous to small areas: the Cabinet-desk in its closed shape takes half as much space as it would in its open position