Soundless Light
Gillgren Monday 03 Feb 2014

Swedish designer Ola Gillgren has designed a lamp called Soundless light that will be displayed at the Stockholm furniture fair. One of the key things that Gillgren has in mind when designing new products is to keep them as simple and as uncomplicated as possible. This keeps the design honest and lets people see and understand the object for what it is.

Soundless light is the result of a project where Gillgren has worked with sound and sound absorbers in different forms. Soundless light is a lamp that is also supposed to work as a sound absorber for spaces that cannot have wall mounted acoustic absorbents.

Soundless light also has the ability to be altered and changed according to surroundings and personal taste. The construction of the lampshade is of loose cone shaped polyester-felt rings that easily attach onto each other and are held in place by gravity. The height and size of the lampshade is determined by how many felt rings you add.

Soundless light is easy to compress and it can be stored and transported in a flat box. Soundless light is made to be as simple as possible and to be easy to install and adjust.

Photo Credit Max Alm Norell