Kartell by Laufen bathroom
Laufen Monday 27 Jan 2014

The Kartell by Laufen bathroom is a complete and integrated project, which came about from the original inspiring approach of Kartell, its design, its quality and its essence, which, through the interpretative project  skills of Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, combined with the innovation of Laufen, has given rise to a collection  pervaded with the aroma of emotion. Kartell by Laufen places itself on the market of desirability and seduction with a great persuasive capacity. A dream that is realisable, with sophisticated yet accessible and chic yet understated aesthetics.

With design and total quality as its watchwords, the Kartell by Laufen bathroom takes shape as an integrated  architecture; an interconnected ecosystem where washbasins, sanitary ware, faucets, units, shower bases, bathtubs, lights and accessories coexist with maximum flexibility, changing their appearance like  chameleons to meet the taste requirements of all. The glassy transparencies of latest-generation polycarbonate and the bare edges of the totemic floor-mounted washbasin will attract those who love minimal, moon-like, rarefied environments; the amber plastic, the round softness of the washbasin, the  bathtub in the style of a infinity pool will seduce a public that is better disposed to decoration, to play, than  ever before. The rigid geometry of the ceramic items is tempered by the multicoloured lightness of the plastic elements.

The colour project is a project within a project. The palette of colours has been reinvented; leaving aside primary colours and using the tones of the earth, the oranges of sand, steel blue, warm whites tending towards yellow and cold ones turning into blue. For this free area of the house where the senses yield to the emotions, Kartell by Laufen, the bathroom has been born.