Dream Chair
Monday 27 Jan 2014

Tadao Ando is a leading figure in international architecture and design, influencing future generations with his innovative approach to design. The autodidactic architect is renowned for uniting Japanese design traditions with modern Western expression and combining pure, simple lines with geometric shapes and organic expression. His innovative, functional designs have in particular been a good match for the simple Scandinavian style. He especially expresses great respect for the design approach of Hans J. Wegner, and recently created the sculptural Dream Chair in collaboration with Carl Hansen & Søn as a tribute to Wegner.

The Dream Chair is the culmination of a close, multi-year collaboration between Japanese star Ando and Carl Hansen & Søn. Together, they have created a lounge chair that embodies Ando's desire to encourage people to take more time to dream. The Dream Chair seeks to express the same harmonious, minimalist expression typical of Wegner's design. Like Wegner, Ando is interested in exploring materials' possibilities and pushing the boundaries of what is structurally possible.

The Dream Chair's almost floating expression naturally attracts attention. A sculptural work of art in itself, the chair is particularly well suited for larger rooms where it can be seen and enjoyed from all angles. The Dream Chair is, of course, also a comfortable furniture piece that invites relaxed reflection. Ando believes that a product should be made from a single material, and should be pure, without any environmental impact. He has also succeeded in satisfying his strict requirements for the Dream Chair's production.

The chair is made of three-dimensional plywood, which has special characteristics that allow it to be curved along two axles during the moulding process. Ando and the cabinetmakers at Carl Hansen & Søn pushed the size and curvature of the plywood sheet in order to achieve the necessary characteristics of a chair, attaining a result beyond what was thought to be possible when working with three-dimensional plywood.

The Dream Chair is available in oak or walnut without upholstery, or with fabric or leather upholstery on the front side and an adjustable neck support. The Japanese tradition of living in harmony with nature is also clearly evident with this chair that explores structural possibilities, it is a chair for dreaming.