Nendo Friday 24 Jan 2014

Nendo have created a new furniture collection titled ‘deep-sea', composed of a low table and shelving unit for glass manufacturer Glasitalia. Glasitalia are a company known for their superb technical manipulation of colour, cut and adhesion for sheet glass.

It's possible to colour glass by melting a layer of transparent coloured film onto the surface. Nendo used this technique but also decided to deepen the shade of each successive glass sheet by slightly changing the combination and number of layers for each one. They also progressively narrowed the space between the shelves and combined them with a mirror to further emphasise the gradations.

The result is furniture with depth: transparent from any angle and drawing the viewer or user into this depth, as though the viewer is gazing at the surface of the sea. Adding objects to the surfaces, using them as shelves, only intensifies the difference between the varying ‘ocean depths' of each sheet. The collection deep-sea is thus aptly named.