Urushi Lacquerware Lump Collection
Nendo Friday 17 Jan 2014

Nendo has released three new pieces for Urushi Kobo Oshima, a traditional lacquer workshop founded in 1909 in Japan's Ishikawa Prefecture. The workshop proudly continues the distinctive techniques of regional Yamanaka lacquerware. Lacquerware includes a variety of techniques, but Yamanaka lacquer workshops are known for their mastery of wood turning.

For their lump-bowl, lump-cup and lump-plate, Nendo decided to take advantage of this wood turning technique, with the aim of heightening their users' awareness of the particular qualities of the wood in their hands. To begin with they enlarged and rounded the objects' base so that users can cradle them in their hands. This is where the ‘lump' branding came about, the ‘lump' base offers a newly tactile experience whereby the user does not need to support their object.

The exterior of the pieces are all of a natural finish that allow for the word grain to be emphasised. The exterior is in complete contrast with the interior of the pieces, which all have brightly coloured matte lacquer finishes. It is this combination of thickness, or lumpiness and the contrast in finishes that bring out the richness and appeal of wood as a medium and allow for a striking end product.