Nola Glass Lamps
Studio Drift Tuesday 07 Jan 2014

The project Nola is a collaboration between Amsterdam Designers Studio Drift and the new Dutch label 'Buhtiq 31'. Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn of Studio Drift designed the series of colour-mixing lamps through experimentation, playing with the endless possibilities of combining colour and light in a spatial context. Nola, which is the Latin word for glass bell, is a landscape of light captured in these glass bells.

A unique colour palette was established through the combination of light pastel coloured and natural hand blown glass and bright, complementary coloured LEDs. The LED system is hidden in the base of the bells and creates a mix of coloured light that is able to capture the entire spectrum. The intensity of the light can be manipulated, being dimmed as low as 20% up to a bright 100% for an expressive light display.

There are four different sizes of bell with four different glass colours. By mixing the light through the coloured bells and placing them in overlapping compositions a complex spectacle of light comes to life. The bells combine to create a soft, otherworldly atmosphere typical of Studio Drift's aesthetic.