Peacock Chair
UUfie Monday 06 Jan 2014

Peacock is a chair designed by Eiri Ota and Irene Gardpoit Chan of architecture firm UUfie. The pair took their inspiration from natural surroundings, especially focusing on instances such as a flower blossoming or a bird's tail fanning to display its full beauty in courtship. They wanted their piece to represent these moments through its design features and overall aesthetic.

The design and fabrication process was extremely simple and childlike, involving the cutting, bending and folding of acrylic sheets, to create a chair that was simply called the Peacock for its resemblance to the bird's feathers when on display. Peacock is made from a type of acrylic composite that has the ability to transform, but requires a delicate process involving manipulating a single sheet within minutes. The idea of freezing a fluid moment is literally captured as the material is stretched by hand, resulting in a lace-like appearance of a structurally strong material. 

Peacock is produced in three versions, a large (limited edition) and small size which can be seen in white or in colour for indoor and outdoor use. It is currently exhibited at Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan.

All photos credited to Marco Covi.