Gathering Party Ware
Chi and Chi Tuesday 23 Dec 2014

Designed by Taiwan based Chi and Chi Studio for Saniyo, Gathering Party Ware is a party tableware collection whose design borrows concepts from astronomical objects.

Chi and Chi took the geometric shapes, patterns and arrangements of planets and the galaxy to develop their designs, with plates, cups and containers that are inspired by phenomena such as eclipses, asterism and Earth's revolution.

The products are designed with simple functions in their essential forms, shaped to fit peacefully wherever they are placed. Many of the pieces stack and the collection includes nested condiment sets that fit nearly together.

The Flag cups have a matching coloured handle and inner colour, giving a simple and consistent appearance but also providing functionality as the user can identify their own cup when a drink has been poured in by the colour of their handle. Similarly, the Patch plates have a pattern that extends to the edges, making each plate easy to differentiate even when they are stacked together.

Finally, the series of tableware also serves as a reminder to cherish the time spent with friends and family, ‘sharing a good time with our beloved ones in this immense universe with infinite space'.

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Chi and Chi

Founded in 2013, Chi and Chi is a design studio based in Taiwan; a place where we live, work and create. '' is a platform for our design and idea-sharing. We pay attention to the relationships between people and objects. Our inspirations come from small things in our everyday life. We create objects with content and purpose, with simple functions in their essential forms, with appropriate material and shape which peacefully fit in wherever it is placed.