Phillip Grass Tuesday 16 Dec 2014

Companion, designed by Phillip Grass, is the debut collection of the Danish design brand, founded in 2014. The stools from the Companion series can be used as an extra chair or small table, as well as a piece of art in themselves. They can be placed in the home individually or in a group to create a more dynamic effect.

The Companion series consists of two different stools: Companion and Companion 4 legs. The base of the stool is made of powder-coated steel tubes and is available in four different colours: black, white, yellow and blue. The solid wood seat is clear-coated and is available in oak, beech and sipo mahogany.

Part of the seat is painted white and includes an ‘eye', turned of solid wood and painted black. The base of the stool is produced in Denmark and the seat in Germany; these can be combined according to individual preference.

The design gently blurs the line separating art from function, a high quality collection completed with first-rate craftsmanship and a poetic and humouristic touch.

Phillip Grass, Designer and Owner of Phillip Grass comments: "In our debut series Companion, the chairs are made so that they look like anthropomorphic characters... Having a Companion chair in the living room is like having a little friend at home - a pal that can keep you company. At the same time the chair is discrete and its expression is open for individual interpretation."

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Phillip Grass

Founded in 2014, the Danish design & interior brand Phillip Grass strives to create furniture with an inspiring and vivid presence that gently blurs the line separating art from function. Poetic and imaginative elements enhanced with a subtle touch of humor are at the heart of Phillip Grass’ design philosophy. The sophisticated objects created by Phillips Grass challenge the conventional division of sculpture and furniture by merging the two harmoniously, and allowing the objects to take on a life of their own.