Aparentment Thursday 11 Dec 2014

Aparentment was founded by Josep Vila Capdevila, a design office based in Barcelona that runs under the philosophy of allowing ‘free design', supporting and developing new ideas from the internal team. Marblelous collection is the brand's first and widest range of marble designs featuring furniture and table top accessories.

The collection is contemporary and sophisticated and plays with concepts of style and class to offer accessible, useable pieces. The Marblelous Towel Holder is formed of Carrara marble and solid brass tubes, a contemporary blend of simple lines and noble materials and the perfect piece to complement any bathroom. The Pedestal is more than a stool, it's a place to display the objects you love the most, using minimalist design to add style and elegance to the home.

The Marble Brick is based on the most typical Spanish building block, a sculptural piece and a metaphor of its time. The Marblelous Mirror can be placed horizontally or vertically on its marble base, with a gold polished blade on the back. The base can also be used to hold other items such as tablets.

Other additions to the collection include the Sun Mirror, Stairs (a candle holder), Lamp and also a Ring Tray. The objects all convey wit and transgression but are made from materials and forms that connect with a classical style. Opposing concepts provide contradictions that give this collection its unique and definitive edge.