John Pawson Friday 28 Nov 2014

TRESTLE is a collection of bench seating modules and matching table designed by the renowned British architect John Pawson. The designs reflect the search for elegance and simplicity that have defined Pawson's work over the course of his entire career.

The collection features a minimalist, almost laconic, approach to form; the inverted v-shaped supporting legs (or trestles), made from solid oak with a thick cross section, are the dominating feature, while the seat is available in two finishes: quilted and smooth.

The bench can be combined with the TRESTLE table which works off the same principles as the bench but on a larger scale. Designed for the home environment or contract use, a matching backrest for the bench can be attached to adjacent walls in order to provide additional support and comfort.

John Pawson comments: "The design of the table and bench for Viccarbe sets a refined horizontal plane above graphically spare supports, echoing Medieval functional arrangements of loose boards laid across trestles. The simplicity of line, junction, geometry, rhythm, surface and proportion means that the primary experience is of the beauty of the unadorned oak."

The table is a completely new product, while the bench was first presented at this year's Salone del Mobile. The full collection will be presented together during 2015's event.