Sebastian Bergne Tuesday 25 Nov 2014

British Industrial designer Sebastian Bergne has created the Fiction book stand, enabling the user to make their books weightless.

Whether in a vertical pile or on a horizontal shelf, the Fiction book stand can turn a collection of books into a sculptural feature for the home or indeed the office.

The fact that books are synonymous with weight and mass is at the heart of Bergne's idea to make them appear to float. This is a simple object that allows you to store a small collection of current reading material in ways that go against standard expectations.

The robust folded sheet metal stand is simple to orientate horizontally on a desk or vertically next to a comfortable reading chair. Once filled with current favourites it becomes invisible, leaving the books to rest in seemingly impossible positions.

Although designed to accommodate typical fiction paperback books, the stand can be effectively used with magazines or other reading material. Fiction is a numbered personal edition by Bergne, currently just 25 pieces are available.

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Sebastian Bergne

British Industrial designer Sebastian Bergne is renown for making everyday objects special with his essential and human approach to design. Sebastian’s versatility allows him and his team to work in different ways. As an external Industrial design facility to international brands, as a designer and supplier of bespoke objects for restaurants, retailers and individuals or even as producer of his growing collection of personal editions.