SturlesiDesign Wednesday 19 Nov 2014

iLLuminite is inspired by the search for a more unique and original approach to night lights and ambient lights. As it turns out, acrylic glass functions in a very similar manner to fiber optics: light up one side and the acrylic glass channels the light all the way through to the other side. More so, any engraving on the acrylic surface will emit the light as well.

After understanding this process SturlesiDesign started experimenting with this material. Working out of Israel, SturlesiDesign's objective was to place this product at an affordable price range. The LED's make up around 50% percent of the production price so the challenge was to find a cost-effective material combined with an inexpensive technology which could sustain all of the elements together.

After exhaustive research and development it became clear that cement would be the perfect companion to the clear acrylic. Concrete is an inexpensive and durable material which can take on almost any form or finish and when combined with the right materials has a high-end look and feel to it.

At present SturlesiDesign studio which is located on the thin stretch between Tel Aviv and Jaffa makes a variety of lamps with different shapes and colours, some of them even share the same concrete base, so you can enjoy a collection of different design and effects whilst simply using the same cement base unit. The base unit comes with a 180cm cord and worldwide shipping is available.