Tim van de Weerd Friday 14 Nov 2014

Dutch Designer Tim van de Weerd has invented a new ‘species' of plant pots with his Monstera series; one that liberates the plant from the windowsill and in which plants can regain their natural freedom, even within the interior.

The Monstera plant pot, with its ornate roots, is an extension of the plant rather than a separate object. The series includes two designs; Monstera Magnifica (exalted) and Monstera Fugiens (fleeing), bearing botanical names in line with the pot's connection with the plant. With their elegant legs and high gloss finish, the pair reinvent the traditional rigid and oppressive plant pot.

The fragile-looking legs of both plant pots are made of steel bars. These are bent by hand to become the ‘roots' of the plant and are moulded with industrial, chemical epoxy clay. This approach gives the Monstera design its fragile look while allowing it to be unexpectedly strong and stable.

The Monstera Magnifica and Monstera Fugiens were presented during the Dutch Design Week 2014 in Eindhoven. The tension between the traditional and the technological, between the organic and the industrial, are a specialty of van de Weerd's. With his keen eye for unexpected and sophisticated details, and a combination of craftsmanship and precision machining, his elegant designs are sure to surprise the design world.