Herr M Tuesday 04 Nov 2014

Hamburg-based design company Herr M create furniture and accessories which are particularly easy to understand, user-friendly and elegant in their impression. At every stage the team work on narrative solutions; design which tells the user a story and ties them up emotionally. 

Inspired by a children's toy, Herr M designed the side table Schiebepuzzle. The front doors can slide both up and down and from side to side, revealing only a little of the table's content at a time. Accessing the storage area within the table becomes a game of hide-and-seek, for magazines and the minibar, for bottles, glasses, coasters or a deck of cards.

Generous in size and light in impression, Schiebepuzzle fits in lounges, lofts, living rooms, in fact just about anywhere in the house where small things need to be stowed. The side table is impeccably crafted by hand in a carpentry in Porta Westfalica, Germany.