Kreoo Thursday 30 Oct 2014

Filigrana is a refined collection of new decorations designed by Enzo Berti for Kreoo bath. The collection includes three new decorative finishes, each with a strong and expressive aesthetic, that particularly complements pieces available in the Nabhi bathroom collection.

The finishes are applicable to the external sides of washbasins and bowls, a universe of tactile sensations that fluctuate with varying lighting effects. Filigrana 1 involves a print of elegant sticks, scattered arbitrarily and celebrating the aesthetic properties of marble. Filigarana 2 is a detailed engraving inspired by gold filigree, precious and slightly raised. This finishing gives movement and an unexpected softness to bowls. Filigrana 3 uses a delicate and classic emblem that recalls the ornament of acanthus leaves, a reminder of the Corinthian capitals of Ancient Greece.

All three finishes can be applied to every model in Kreeo's collection in any kind of marble, allowing for total bathroom customisation, following the personal tastes and requirements of private clients and contract commissions alike.

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Extraordinary creativity and experimentation in the field of marble processing and magnification of Made in Italy. Kreoo realises furniture items with high design level for bathroom, living and garden, both for contract and home.

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