Nendo Tuesday 28 Oct 2014

Nendo has designed a new furniture collection for Japanese brand Patio Petite. The series features pieces created for verandas, terraces and other compact exterior spaces, titled the ‘sudare' collection.

The seats and table fold and stand alone when not in use, and have a double use as a partition, like Japanese sudare window blinds, when placed before a railing or other edge surface.

The table's height and tabletop dimensions are easily varied by moving the position of the blinds. Matching accessories including trays and containers fit onto the spaces between the rods, for attachment anywhere the user desires.

Nendo also designed two more seating styles for the range, a high-back chair and a lounger. The frames come in five different colours and the blinds in two natural finishes, allowing for complete personalisation.

Photo Credit: Akihiro Yoshida