Becoming rich while you sleep
Sofie Lachaert and Luc d’Hanis Monday 27 Oct 2014

Sofie Lachaert and Luc d'Hanis (SLLD) have created ‘becoming rich while you sleep', a very ‘valuable' high quality table and bed linen. This has been produced by Belgian linen specialists Verilin for the ‘Masters of Linen' and the ‘Henry van de Velde 2014' label.

In this fabric series, nothing is what it seems. SLLD rob the bank note of its nominal value, clearing the way for the user's own personal value and appreciation. The familiar image of a bank note disappears and the intrinsic beauty of the delicately coloured lines remains.

A woven silver wire band like the foil strip in a banknote is inserted into each piece, a reference to the disinfecting properties of silver. The guilloché motif, in particular, recalls the official seals of currency.

The detailed textures are a reflection of paper money, which is incredibly difficult to counterfeit. Although meant to discourage falsifications, Verilin manage to translate an interplay of lines in a digital jacquard pattern. The collection thus becomes a token of craftsmanship, tradition and technology and a study into relativity of values and fragility of power based on wealth.

Photos: 'Becoming rich while you sleep' woven bed linen, Verilin by slld. Main image by Kurt Stallaert. First Gallery image by Jean Godecharle from an installation at Grand Hornu Museum.