Bronze Age
Tjep Friday 24 Oct 2014

Amsterdam-based multidisciplinary design studio Tjep recently presented their latest body of work at the Ballroom of the Colloredo Mansfeld Palace, in an exhibition hosted by Designblok Prague.

Bronze Age comes from the same design roots as the much-acclaimed Recession Chair project. The bronze aspect of the collection infers stability, strength, durability, sustainability; it can be re-melted and reused and is never discarded. The furniture shapes are classic interpretations, yet they have undergone a transformation.

The aim of the collection is to instil connotations of human-caused disasters, such as climate change or a nuclear melt-down, putting these pieces at the centre of contemporary social issues. The result however is sculptural, with a pure aesthetic that is visually light but physically strong.

Frank Tjepkema, Lead Designer and Founder of Tjep, comments: "Bronze Age collection contains all hand-crafted pieces, using traditional skills that once underpinned our very survival, each piece a manually intensive work and formed from the material that represents the dawn of civilisation. For this project I wanted to create something totally opposite to the technology driven trends based on the emergence of new digital tools such as 3D printing. I like the idea that bronze is precious and is therefore implicitly sustainable, it is either preserved or remelted but never discarded, who knows maybe these pieces contain a couple of remelted ancient bronze swords!"