Coat Loop
Tom Raffield Thursday 23 Oct 2014

Artist and designer Tom Raffield handcrafts all of his furniture in his studio in Cornwall, working with a variety of woods and using the method of steam bending, a creation of his own born from years of research and experimentation.

The Coat Loop is a contemporary butler's elbow, offering a resting place for any garment or umbrella. It is made from one single, steam bent curve of English oak, creating a unique and beautiful aesthetic whilst acting as a functional object. Although most commonly used beside the front door, this wooden piece also works perfectly in the bedroom where scarves and other garments can be hung over it.

The Long Coat Loop is also made from a single steam bent curve of English oak, a longer version of Raffield's original Coat Loop. This version is designed to take extra special care of the whole family's array of coats, scarves and umbrellas, while still remaining elegant and a signature piece for the home.

Designed to be wall mounted, each Coat Loop is supplied with screws, wall plugs and oak screw concealing plugs. The butler's elbow can be made with a left or right hand loop according to preference.