In-Quarto Table
Pawel Grobelny Tuesday 21 Oct 2014

Polish designer and design curator Pawel Grobelny has created the In-Quarto table, presented at the biennale interieur 2014 in Kortrijk, Belgium.

The piece is available in two finishing versions; one with a table top of natural American walnut and the other available in different types of marble. The simple design is based on a white aluminium tube which acts as the table's base and the table top, which is removable. The weight of the base is minimised by an opening on one side and the table tops are easily interchangeable.

The power to swap the accented surface according to mood or atmosphere gives users the possibility to change the nature of Grobelny's work in a fast and simple way. The designer has facilitated the need we often have to change our surroundings with a simple, adaptable table that fits into any setting with ease.

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Pawel Grobelny

Pawel Grobelny (1979) designer and design curator. A former student of fine arts universities in PoznaƄ, Lyon and Paris. Apart from designing for the industry, Pawel Grobelny also designs his own collections, often commissioned by galleries and cultural institutions. His works have been presented at such events as Vienna Design Week, Paris Design Week, Tokyo Design Week, Seoul Design Olympiad and Biennale Design Saint-Etienne. He is particularly passionate about urban space projects made for specific locations, respecting their surrounding contexts. He is the author or urban furniture in Zhongshan Park in Shanghai and in Albertine garden in Brussels.