Limber Gems
Pleunie Buyink Monday 20 Oct 2014

"Imagine a house, constructed with pure materials, raw and sober. Suddenly the sun enters the house and sunrays are passing the immense glass windows. The subtle rays reach the surface of the limber gem; quietly watchful waiting on the floor and her elegant beauty awakes. Subtle as she is, she begins to shine, like a true jewel. Every time a passenger passes he receives a flirty glimpse from her."

Dutch designer Pleunie Buyink recently graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, her final project entitled ‘limber gems'. Within this project, she developed a flexible, reflective material, in which rubber is a component, to create jewels of various colours, sizes and structures.

The jewels created with this newly developed material are an elegant type of jewellery for the interior. Due to their flexibility they are obedient to the creative owner, whether hung on a wall or resting on it, dropped to the ground. When light touches the gems, an interplay begins between their rugged shapes, rough edges and warm colours.

The collection consists of three gems, each with its own character. One is purely circular, realised in a dark green with a touch of gold, another an orange oval that acts like a pendant. There is also a silver and black self-supporting gem, which gives the owner new possibilities such as the ability to bend it in corners.

The newly developed material ensures that the gems can be made in every size or shape, whether for a design shop, gallery, reception, waiting room or as an addition to the house. Architects and interior designers will be able to create novel experiences in spaces with the material of the gems, and Buyink has even developed a series of tiles from the same material so that curved walls, bars or pillars can be tiled.

Her work will be shown at Dutch Design Week this October at the Design Academy.