Studio BAG Disseny Monday 13 Oct 2014

Potted plants are generally speaking static, rooted to the ground (but not embedded in it). So why not provide them with movement, allowing them to follow the sun's path, to sway in the breeze and grow at will? These are the thoughts that led Xavier Mora and Sandra Compte of Studio BAG Disseny to design a brand new kind of flowerpot, Voltasol.

Voltasol is a tilted pot, facilitating the movement of the plant within and stimulating its growth.  The flowerpot has a semi-conical base that avoids the static nature of conventional pots, creating a slight movement that can either be generated spontaneously or else be induced at will. The simple movement is created on the axis of the pot.

The pots are handmade in terracotta with a waterproof treatment. Available in two sizes, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, decorated in colours inspired by the Empordà, Girona; white, yellow and pink. They are currently being produced for sale by the Andorra-based publishing house livingthings. www.wearelivingthings.com

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Studio BAG Disseny

Studio BAG is a creative corporation founded in 2002 by Sandra Compte (graphic designer) and Xavier Mora (product designer). At Studio BAG Disseny we dedicate ourselves to creating new codes and searching for new visual forms of communication, creative and innovative. Simple and direct solutions is how we define ourselves. Our tools are ideas, concepts, shapes, senses, materials, typography, colour, volume, impact... and our aim is to satisfy the real need of each project, and take pleasure in doing so.

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