Oáza Collection
Klára Šumová & Dirk Wright Friday 10 Oct 2014

An oasis is an external place of refuge and repose. Product designer Klára Šumová and graphic designer Dirk Wright have internalised this concept with their Oáza Collection - furniture and accessories to create an oasis in the home.

The duo are interested in natural materials such as maple wood, linen, marble, wool gauze and aluminium, combined with special surface treatments such as galvanising, digital printing and anodising. Their research-based collaboration connects areas of product design, interior styling, graphic design and illustration, to create unexpected harmony and contemplative results.

The Baby Sister stool and side table combine industrial processes unusually to create an alluring result. A galvanised finish transforms the Baby Sister stool from a rigid, utilitarian item, to an object of admiration. The stool and table are made from gold and green galvanised steel sheets, available in two sizes.

The Oáza Mirror is a luxurious item for everyday use. Hand-cut Bohemian glass is combined with a natural wood structure or lathed metal, resulting in a refined material harmony. Meanwhile Palm Tree is a striking accessory for the home, made from marble, maple wood, polished brass and anodised aluminium with a hidden LED light source.

Trays 1, 2, 3 each have an open-ended purpose that determines their proportions, aesthetic qualities and final forms. The trays come alive on their own, the designs inspired by Šumová and Wright's past experiences with fruits, biscuits, cakes and flowers. They are formed from welded steel sheets, powder-coated and with wood and brass pins.

Completing the collection is the GRID Lamp. Here, a hidden light source becomes apparent at the moment of illumination: in an instant, the glass volume comes alive and the cut décor is revealed. This lamp provides a considered, elegant touch to personal or commercial spaces, designed by Šumová for Preciosa Lighting.

Photo Credit: Michal Seba and Veronika Raffajova

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Klára Šumová & Dirk Wright

Klára is an independent product and interior designer based in Prague, with works extending to the northern Czech Republic. Her interests are primarily in the connections of individual cultures and in the use of objects that span generations; in the history of surrounding ourselves with certain timeless elements, built collectively with what nature provides. She likes to use raw materials and combine them with moments of human nature—allowing the details of these intimate relationships to give rise to physical form.