Absolut Elyx Martini Trolley
Sarah K Friday 10 Oct 2014

The aesthetic of the Absolut Elyx Martini Trolley is clean and simple with an emphasis on integrity and honesty of material use and function.  Sarah K's design interprets an idea of the avant-garde 1920s adopted by the Elyx campaign and fuses it with an early industrial functionality that pays homage to iconic brands like Olivetti.

Absolut Elyx is manually distilled in a 1921 copper rectification, operated by a selected few who inherited their knowledge and expertise from past generations of spirit and vodka makers. The predominant use of copper in the trolley is a reference to this distilling process, its luxury married with other natural materials notable for their strength and beauty; Carrara marble, brass, dark Merbau timber and concrete with gridded relief work in copper.

The Carrara Marble Surface is treated as a landscape whose function is finely tailored to the making of the perfect Elyx Martini. Purposefully sculpted recesses in the dense marble surface hold a place for the Elyx Martini tools, including a bowl for olives and lemon, a solid copper dome for toothpicks, trays for martini glasses and a copper vermouth atomiser by designer and jeweller Sarah Spackman of the Fortynine Studio.

A crystal cocktail mixer is paired with a pure copper cocktail spoon by metal smith Kenny Yong-soo Son of StudioKyss. Its minimal use of tiny holes down the spine enhances the swivelling motion of the liquid and ice in the mixer. The Elyx bottle itself is elevated out of the surface on a gently curved sculpted marble base

Shelves below carry the necessary copper and brass vessels designed to complete the experience, each part designed like industrial jewellery. As always Sarah K worked closely with partner Ben Blakebrough to engineer the functionality of the trolley. www.blakebroughking.com

Sarah K comments: "We came up with the idea for this project of ‘extreme bespoke-ism' where every element in the experience has a defined physical place and so the whole relies on all its parts for its function and beauty - The drink produced as a result is an absolutely Elyx experience."