Manrico Freda Wednesday 08 Oct 2014

Italian designer Manrico Freda wants you to know that his latest creation for Formabilio is ‘not a simple pouf, it is a half-shorn sheep.'

Whether sheep or pouf, Cora is extremely soft and cosy. With four legs coming out from the upholstery and the felt top, it grazes on your living room, sleeps next to your bed or turns up at the house entrance.

Cora is available in eleven colour combinations, each with their own strong character and personality, allowing the user to choose one that best suits them. This could be romantic in pink, rational in grey, homely in white or a bold black.

The pouf is created from polyutherane, upholstered with a stretchy water resistant fabric. The top is a natural wool felt, while the legs and structure are a solid beech wood.

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Manrico Freda

Manrico Freda was born and lives in Piacenza. He conceives design as anthropological research of objects as living creatures civilized thanks to natural selection and the adaptation to the surrounding environment and human needs through the course of history, but still coming from a very small number of elemental ideas. He says about Formabilio: “I think that if Formabilio was an object it would be a beautiful object, that makes easy something that is far more complicated. It is a chance to experiment how the “make” culture has always to come across and be merged to the design world”.