75% Control - Stool
Studio Dafi Reis Doron Tuesday 07 Oct 2014

Designer Dafi Reis-Doron has developed an innovative new technology to create upholstered furniture which she has titled ‘75% control'. As can be expected from the name, her furniture is made using a 75% control process. Polyurethane foam, usually hidden underneath fabric, is cast in an open mold and allowed to expand freely within the furniture's wooden structure. The chemical reaction brings about a surprising shape; the top surface is unstructured due to the free rise of the foam, yet it is also controlled, held in the precise location of the wooden structure.

Reis-Doron developed the process with the help of a material engineer. Together they found the right type of foam with a strong skin to prevent the need for another lay­er. The material is flexible enough to act as a comfortable cushion for the user and its quick reaction time of just three minutes enables fast production.

75% Control - Stool has a smart wooden pattern, creating a strong structure and enabling extra comfort on the top seat. The use of classic legs with a thin inner curve, together with the experimental beauty of the coloured foam, creates a unique aes­thetic, combining seduction with a functionality. 75% control tech­nology gives each stool a distinctive personality, with the quality of a hand-made object in a mass production line and a shape that carries the memory of the process by which it's been made.

Photo credit: Guy Hecht

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Studio Dafi Reis Doron

Dafi Reis-Doron set up her studio in London after graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2012. Before moving to London to do her Masters, Dafi worked for several years as a development manager in the plastics industry, where she gained wide experience in mass- market manufacturing. In her work, Dafi looks towards the next generation of products, fascinated by industrial manufacturing with the passion to experiment and explore materials and processes. Based on her extensive knowledge, and passion for innovation, Dafi aims to challenge existing industrial processes in order to create the next generation of products.