Paper Vase Cover
Pepe Heykoop & Tiny Miracles Foundation Monday 06 Oct 2014

The Paper Vase Cover is the invention of Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop, hand-folded by women supported by the Tiny Miracles Foundation. This foundation is a Netherlands-based charity established in 2010 by Pepe's cousin Laurien Meuter. Tiny Miracles focuses on one specific street with a community of around 700 people whose only home is right on the pavement in the red light district in Mumbai, India. Its goal is to break their poverty cycle by building a self-supporting community over the next seven years.

Tiny Miracles pays the women a salary well above market standards and sends their children to private English school, as well as providing health care and organising fun activities for the community.  In fact, Pepe Heykoop has set up a studio right in the middle of the area and teaches the parents the skills needed to create his various designs.

The cover can be manually shaped over any empty bottle, turning it into a unique, decorative vase, available in a variety of colours with gradients, as well as inventive printed patterns. It is adjustable in size and can be folded up or down to fit a variety of containers. Each one is flat-packed for delivery worldwide, easily transportable and extremely durable. The covers are also, of course, completely recyclable; a fully sustainable and responsibly made product that can transform any space, be it office, home, restaurant or shop.

Photo Credit: Annemarijne Bax