Warp and Reason
Richard Brendon and PATTERNITY Monday 06 Oct 2014

Richard Brendon, designer and British bone china specialist and pattern visionaries, PATTERNITY, have joined forces to warp perceptions of what British bone china can look like.

The collaboration includes two different cup and saucer combinations: ‘Warp' and ‘Reason'. Warp has a bold striped saucer paired with Brendon's highly sought after platinum Reflect cup, which reflects and warps the lines into an ever changing and mesmerising pattern. Reason features the same patterned saucer, stripped back to the base cobalt print and paired with a simply decorated cup that intelligently combines printed and hand painted elements to bold effect.

Brendon called upon PATTERNITY to help realise his vision; to rejuvenate and reposition the formerly world leading British bone china industry through holistic design. The collaboration brings together his expertise in ceramic design and decoration, PATTERNITY's pioneering pattern research and commitment to design innovation and the best craftsmen in Stoke-on-Trent England. The resulting products are considered, refined and dynamic.

The cup and saucer draws inspiration from over two centuries of British tea ware; the resulting shape is historically informed yet strikingly modern. True to PATTERNITY's storytelling form the bold striped pattern, in classic cobalt blue and best burnished gold, represents the confidence and clarity of thought that exploded in Britain in the mid-17th Century, as caffeinated tea and coffee propelled Britain out of an alcoholic haze. This brought about the age of reason and, soon after, the industrial revolution.

Driven by history and powered by pattern, this collaboration draws an entirely new audience to ceramics to powerful and intriguing effect.

Photo Credit: Richard Brendon meets Patternity collection, richardbrendon.com