Cool with Wool
Aud Julie Befring Monday 06 Oct 2014

Hailing from the scenically spectacular municipality of Jølster, Aud Julie Befring draws upon Norway's inspiring natural landscape in her work - primarily in ceramics, wood and textiles. The Cool with Wool stools are her latest creation; colourful, imaginative and fun and a clear example of Befring's efforts to boost sustainability by fostering product attachment through personalisation.

Held in place by milled-in grooves, the felted wool hemispheres that sit on top of the solid turned-birch stool can be removed, recombined and replaced at the user's discretion, providing the opportunity to really make it their own piece of furniture, customisable and adaptable according to season or mood.

The stools were inspired by lamb in spring fields and colour tones include the bright, fresh colours of springtime, as well as the more subdued tones of autumn and winter.

Photo Credit: August Lundberg, Saman Alam & Aud Julie Befring.

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Aud Julie Befring

I am originally from JĂžlster in Sogn & Fjordane, but due to my studies I now live in Oslo. I like to combine old with new, and love to work with ceramics, wood and textile. I find inspiration in most things that surround me, but especially the beautiful nature we are blessed with in Norway.