Avandi Monday 06 Oct 2014

Brooklyn-based Belgian designer Ariane van Dievoet launched Avandi six months after graduating from RISD. At age 26, van Dievoet has already lived in five different cities in three different countries. It is unsurprising then, that Avandi studio adapts to the lifestyle of those who change apartments frequently, while having to make the most of a reduced space.

Candlestix are a set of three playfully modern candleholders that can be stacked and played with. The sculpture-like objects fit in your hand and can also be used as paperweights. Turned brass creates an array of light reflections, beautifully contrasted by a reclaimed leather bottom. This subtle detail offers a soft transition between the brass and the user's table tops, preventing any scratches.

van Dievoet comments: "In New York, furniture is left on the street every day, as it is often more convenient to leave furniture behind than it is to move it. Noticing this made me question the sustainability of products, not in a popular ‘green' way, but in a more pragmatic way. Cheap furniture is easy to replace and trade but there comes a time when you want to invest in furniture for the long run."

Candlestix, like all of Avandi's products, are long-lasting, modular and versatile, made to adapt and evolve with any interior. Allowing for movement and creativity, they offer a playful take on responsible design.

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AVANDI designs and creates contemporary products and furniture that adapt to your universe and evolve with your space. Versatile, the pieces are open to movement and creativity, allowing modern nomads to reinvent their interior as they go, while being responsible consumers.