Haidée Drew Monday 06 Oct 2014

Homeware designer Haidée Drew has launched the ALLOY tray and coaster, a new product set for London Design Festival, part of her DECONSTRUCTED range.

ALLOY pays homage to the beautifully ornate handles found on traditional silverware, with inspiration drawn from the silver galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum in Kensington. From a distance, the tray and coaster's decorative handles have a familiarity about them. Their paper-like quality and lightness incite intrigue while a closer inspection allows the user to appreciate the facets that give them their contemporary edge.

The set can be matched in colour or combined to create a contrasting look and an eye catching centrepiece. Drew comments: "My ranges are steeped in historical references. I want to pay homage to the craft or objects that preceded them, but give the functional objects a contemporary twist."