13° 60° 104° decanter
Rokos Friday 03 Oct 2014

Head designer Jim Rokos, of design studio Rokos, was looking for a second product following the success of his 22° 36° 48° bowl. After considering other objects that could be placed at different angles, he finally applied the concept to a wine decanter. A somewhat precarious article to put at these varying angles it may seem, however the final decanter can hold a magnum so that there is plenty of margin for containing the 0.75L bottle in the upper and middle position. The lower position can be used after some of the wine has been drunk and thus the product's story fell into place.

The 13° 60° 104° decanter is made from borosilicate glass, mouth-blown and formed by hand in the UK, without the use of molds. Due to the extensive work required to make each piece, decanters are only produced in limited runs of 20, four times per year, making them a unique and exclusive home accessory.

So why 13° 60° 104°? These are the three possible angles at which the decanter can sit. At 13 degrees, the decanter begins the evening sober. As drinking progresses, at 60 degrees the decanter is a little tipsy. By the end of the evening, it sits at a drunken 104 degrees. The three angles represent standard wine measures. The upright position measures a magnum, the middle position holds a single bottle of wine and the decanter in the downward position needs a refill.

Wine changes once the cork has been removed from the bottle and air reaches the liquid, transforming its flavour. But all too often the bottle is empty before the wine reaches its peak, because the rate at which the wine is drunk is greater than that of the transforming flavours. The 13° 60° 104° encourages oxygen into the wine with every turn, as the liquid moves, allowing its potential flavours to fully emerge.

The 13° 60° 104° decanter is durable, playful, functional and visually elegant, encouraging a rich interactive experience for the user and his guests. Jim has pushed the boundaries of what is physically possible once more, as he continues to do so throughout his entire product range.

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'Playful, sculptural objects that behave in unexpected ways.' Head designer Jim Rokos explores the physical properties of materials to generate aesthetic, intriguing concepts. Rokos creates products of exceptional quality, made without compromise at any stage of the process, from design to manufacture.