ARCHIEE Monday 29 Sep 2014

Paris-based Japanese architects ARCHIEE have recently completed their latest project, based around the product échelle. Originally, the product was conceived as a showcase for an exhibitor at the Paris Air Show held at Salon du Bourget. Rather than disposing of the shelf once the show finished, which is sadly often the case, this product was to be transferred and reused at the client's Paris boutique.

Therefore the main objective for it, during design and development, was to make a flexible system for mounting, dismounting, adjusting and transporting.

ARCHIEE realised that simplicity in design was the best method to ensure a flexible system. Accordingly, the shelf is composed of just two planes; a simple steel ladder in the vertical and wooden planks in the horizontal. It was named ‘échelle’ from the French word for ladder or scale. The name represents the principal character of the shelf; the scale, especially the height, of échelle is adjustable by rotating the changing composition of each ladder.

The steel ladder is finished with a coat of black paint, whilst the wooden planks are painted white to express the strong contrast between the two materials. There are small holes on the rungs of the ladder in order to secure the planks to the metal with screws. This small, structural detail is what allows the ladders to be rotated flexibly for any space.

Organised by: Discover Japan and Japan Aero Network. Directed by: ARCHIEE / Yusuke KINOSHITA and Daisuke SEKINE.

Photo Credit: Ikuo Yamashita