Gran RU Pori
Wilhelmiina Kosonen Tuesday 23 Sep 2014

The Gran RU collection by Finnish designer Wilhelmiina Kosonen is a contemporary acoustic wall panel collection that combines the visual world of Scandinavian traditional handicrafts and tufted rugs with ecological materials and contemporary processing methods in an innovative new way, creating a unique visual and acoustic experience.

The graphic pattern of Gran RU Pori consists of hundreds of ‘x's, which are either impressed or raised from the surface of the panel. The visual composition is inspired by the 19th century tufted rug Pori LX, with its tulip motif. The acoustic material of the panels is surface peat moss. It is both ecological and acoustically effective with a unique visual texture. The panel is a patented Finnish innovation, which allows a whole new design language for acoustics.

For every panel there is a mounting strip fastened to the wall with two screws. After mounting the strips, the panel is ready to be hung on the wall and this mounting system in fact maximises the acoustic effect by creating a 25mm air gap between the panels and the wall.

The acoustic Gran RU artwork is equally suitable for offices, private homes and public spaces. It is available in sheep white, gold, black and blue with custom colour options also available on request.