Starry Light
Anagraphic Monday 22 Sep 2014

Budapest based designer duo Anagraphic, which consists graphic designer Anna Farkas and interior designer Miklós Batisz, present their Starry Light lamp collection, based on Anna's original idea of a lampshade as an art piece that reflects the starry sky.

The uniqueness of the lamp lies in its capability of providing local lighting and at the same time projecting the fascinating starry night sky into a room through the drillings of the hemispheric shade. The fascinating lighting effects are created by an LED light source that has been specially developed for Starry Light. This emits light beams of different strengths upwards and downwards, thus creating ideal luminosity for an intimate dinner and at the same time conjuring the starry sky on the walls and ceiling.  

The lamps are manufactured by hand in various workshops in Budapest. Every part of Starry Light is unique and made from quality materials by skilled craftsmen in cooperation with the designers. The lamp is available in four different colours. Anna's subtle hand drawn signs on the inner surface of the shade make the constellations easily recognisable and each piece is signed and numbered.

The original Starry Light shades picture the celestial constellations of the Northern Hemisphere's two equinoxes and solstices. Custom constellations can also be created according to the geographical space, date and time given by the customer, making Starry Light both unique, personal and a truly extraordinary lamp for any home.