Lundia System
Joanna Laajisto Tuesday 16 Sep 2014

Interior architect Joanna Laajisto drew inspiration from paper size standards to create the Lundia System boxes, creating three different sizes that all fit perfectly together, just like sheets of paper.

The boxes are a perfect fit not only with each other but also with the Lundia Classic shelving system, and can additionally be used as stand-alone pieces, making them extremely versatile and flexible. The boxes are handmade and just a little smaller than A3, A4 and A5 paper in plan, composed of glue-laminated solid pine joined together with wooden pin connections.

The lids slide effortlessly into their wooden slots, with a hole in the surface that allows the user to open and close the box. They are available in mint green, soft grey and dark blue, always with a natural pine interior.

The resulting products, alone or combined, are solid, simple and honest, stacking neatly on top of each other due to their sizing system and ‘naturally falling into place'. The range was launched at the Habitare Furniture Fair as part of Helsinki Design Week.