Conran & Partners Friday 12 Sep 2014

Trace is a collection of structured tiles designed by Conran and Partners for British Ceramic Tile, an exceptional collaboration between two British greats. In Trace, three dimensional pattern is used to manipulate light, bringing rooms to life and creating an ever changing look throughout the day, whilst a soft and contemporary colour palette creates a soothing and sensual backdrop.

The collection is made up of three distinct design families. Fractal cleverly refracts light through iterative structured geometric forms, Tactile comprises geometric structure with an unexpected irregular relief and Linea is crafted from natural flows and grooves taken from organic shapes.

Massimo Acanfora, Creative Director comments: "Trace is a collection of three dimensional patterned tiles inspired by the archetypes of nature and brought to life through touch, light and movement."

In addition to creating the tiles, Conran and Partners developed a holistic brand for the collection including naming, logo creation, photographic style, packaging design and mobile app. The look throughout is simple yet bold and contemporary, fit for modern life.

The name Trace was inspired by people's desire to make their mark on their homes, whilst the logo draws on elements taken from the structure of the tiles, creating bold symbols to represent the different tile families. Photography encapsulates the idea of ‘a trace of lifestyle'. Modern sets coupled with singular pieces of furniture allow tiles to stand out and create impact whilst forming a sympathetic background that allows for individuality and a personal touch.

Specialist packaging features die-cut apertures referencing the various symbols, and allow customers to touch and feel the tiles' surfaces.