P.E.A.D not DEAD
Bernardita Marambio Design Studio Thursday 11 Sep 2014

Chilean industrial designer Bernardita Marambio B. of Bernardita Marambio Design Studio has produced a unique collection of vases in her project P.E.A.D not DEAD.

The vases are manufactured through an experimental process, whereby High Density Polyethylene (LDPE or HDPE) is utilised. HDPE is known for its large strength to density ratio, commonly used in the production of plastic bottles, plastic bags and containers for toiletries and other consumer products.

Marambio reuses old containers formed of HDPE; the thermoplastic polymer composed of repeating units of ethylene forms a structure that is linear and unbranched. This results in a colourful and raw product, a collection of vases that easily stand out and give new life to the old containers - P.E.A.D not DEAD.