Terence Woodgate Tuesday 09 Sep 2014

From October 2014, lighting brand Terence Woodgate's collection of LED pendants and surface downlights ‘Solid', will be packaged with the option of lighting manufacturer Megaman's new Ingenium Bluetooth LED lamp - the first decorative lighting collection to be sold with Bluetooth.

The new Smart version of the lamp with integral Bluetooth control allows the lights to be controlled in a real world setting from a phone or tablet. An app communicates directly with a chip inside the lamp, allowing the user to group, dim or turn lights on/off without any need for rewiring.

Terence Woodgate's eponymous lighting brand launched in February 2014, with the aim of producing design-led lighting collections that maximise the benefits of LED technology. Terence has previously designed lighting for companies such as Concord Lighting, but this is the first time that products will be designed, produced and distributed under his own brand.

The brand's first collection is Solid. The collection features 16 pendants and surface- mounted downlights in natural materials such as Carrara and Nero Marquina, Oak and Walnut, designed around an LED reflector lamp.

Although LEDs produce far less heat than incandescent lamps, the little heat they do produce needs to be effectively dispersed to maximise the LED lifespan and performance. To address this issue, Terence designed a unique electro-mechanical support system (now patented) which serves as a cord grip, insulating cap and locking adjustable support, as well as providing a surface for lamp information.

Each shade body is a solid cylindrical or conical form with the central core removed. The lamp holder slots into the void once the ceiling wiring is complete, allowing the shade to rest on the triangular support. The shade can then be locked securely in place, after adjusting its position to hang straight and true. The venting in the locking support disc allows for cooling air flow. The lamp holder is entirely contained within the shade, invisible within the pure form of the design, with the LED lamp also recessed deep in the shade to avoid glare, without restricting the beam or wasting any emitted light.

The product packaging was created by Charlie Smith Design, who also created the brand identity. The box system Charlie created was designed to work across all products within the Solid collection and avoids the use of plastics and polystyrene. Terence felt strongly that the accompanying instruction manual should offer an opportunity to engage with the customer with the brand, and not be an afterthought. The manual, with illustrations by John See, is the first item visible when a customer opens the box.