Alicja Prussakowska Wednesday 27 Aug 2014

Polish designer Alicja Prussakowska has created a freestanding coat stand that doubles up as entranceway seating. Tilia is designed with a collection of differently sized hooks, arranged to hang multiple coats, scarves, hats, bags and umbrellas upon. The base can be used as a seat, and is hollow allowing for more storage space for shoes.

The coat ‘hooks' bare an uncanny resemblance to thin wooden skis. These slats, plus the corners of the white lacquered mdf base, are made from pine wood. They are wedged inside the base with two additional elements that fix the distance between them and can be rearranged according to the user's needs. Furthermore, the base is made up of four parts so that it can be easily flat packed and conveniently rearranged.

Prussakowska was inspired by grass blowing in the breeze when designing the shapes within her coat stand. It stands for the value of traditional craft and comfort, using simple and beautiful materials and allowing freedom of use, a unique piece of furniture that stands out distinctly among mass-produced pieces.