Tarnish Collection
Daniel Schofield Studio Tuesday 26 Aug 2014

Daniel Schofield's Tarnish collection is a range of vases, pots and trays in solid brass, all functional objects with a defined use in the home. However, Schofield has used a simple surface treatment on the pieces that he hopes will result in a more emotional attachment from the user, giving them a worth beyond their practicality.

The concept behind the collection was conceived when Schofield, working with brass for other projects, noticed how the material marked when touched and what happened to these marks over time. He decided to embrace this ‘spoiled' aesthetic, mirror polishing each piece in the Tarnish range but leaving one half un-lacquered, to corrode and stain with the user's touch.

The more often and the longer the objects are used, the stronger their tarnish becomes, thus creating a patina and story unique to the user of the piece. Whilst becoming ‘spoilt', it transpires that the objects produce a distinctive pattern and thus become treasured and personal, functional but also inimitably beautiful.

The collection will be launched at the designjunction exhibition in London in September.

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Daniel Schofield Studio

My approach to design is inspired and shaped by my varied background. After leaving school I studied Art and Graphics, from there it was onto a Carpentry apprenticeship building houses and offices, and restoring historic buildings. This combination then evolved itself naturally into design, culminating in a degree in furniture and product design. This fusion of illustrator, builder and designer allows me to draw on these experiences to inform my visual language and creative direction. My aim is to create products that express their constructional process and materiality, whilst I continually explore how an object can communicate narrative through form and embody a timeless appeal. 2013 New Design Britain Award Winner.