3M UK Thursday 07 Aug 2014

For their second collaboration, 3M Architectural Markets and designer Todd Bracher have paired their respective engineering smarts and design sensibility for VESSEL by 3MTM + Todd Bracher. Initially available as a pendant or sconce, this crystal clear cylindrical light is made of durable quartz crystal. Designed especially for the hospitality market, particularly the restaurant industry, VESSEL is calibrated to eliminate residual LED glare and cast the table, bar or wall in a soft circle of uniform white light.

"3M opens the doors of design to a whole other set of possibilities," Bracher remarks. "They are the only ones who could execute such a specific and tricky lighting goal without sacrificing the fixture's beauty. VESSEL stands out for both its essential design and its precise light, and I think it's really going to change the way hospitality designers work with light in restaurants."

VESSEL accomplishes bright, glare-free light through its solid quartz construction shape. Light from a single LED at the top of the fixture is launched into the solid cylindrical body trapping the light until it exits at the bottom of the fixture with a carefully controlled distribution.  

VESSEL's light throw is designed for a standard four-foot dining table, creating no hotspots in the center or shadows on the side. The quartz's crystal clear properties serve as a house for the light, lending a bright illumination source hardly visible to the naked eye. The light itself is designed to complement food, diners, and its surrounding environment. Quartz's scratch resistant properties also made it a key material choice.

Available as a pendant or wall sconce, VESSEL is available in three optic length sizes: 2.4 inch, 6.6 inch and 11.9 inch. The varying optic lengths allow for a dramatic multiple pendant display when hung together at varying sizes and heights, while multiple sconce options provide impact against a wall.

Finish selections include six color options: bronze, gold, wine, black, white and clear anodized. The color temperatures, selected to exquisitely render the light's environment, are a neutral for a nice light (3500 K) or a warmer incandescent effect (2700 K).