Stumble Upon
Alessandro Isola Tuesday 05 Aug 2014

In his latest project, Alessandro Isola has taken the table and the rug, and combined them in a stylised yet practical way to create one product: Stumble Upon. As one could perhaps understand from the name, Isola’s innovative product is inspired by carpet folds that often cause people to trip over and will always be pulled straight to remove the offending crease. With Stumble Upon, the folds and curves are enhanced and used to create flexibility and contrast.

The hybrid piece of furniture resembles a long fibred rug which can comfortably be walked on, folded over at one corner. The fold provides an additional surface to display books and objects, acting as the table element of the product. It offers a dual surface, smooth and polished in contrast to the rug, which has a more imperfect feel. It also adds an element of surprise – the underlays of rugs are rarely seen as they are usually unattractive, yet this folding reveals a reflective surface that is perhaps more stunning than the top of the rug.

To stumble upon, an annoying accident, has inspired the creation of a beautiful and functional object. It plays upon the user’s expectations of furniture and we stumble upon something unexpected, yet something that could actually enhance our everyday lives.

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Alessandro Isola

Inventive, creative, poetic, boundaryless, stimulating, crafted, distinctive, personal and bespoke are all words that may go some way to describing Alessandro’s every design endeavour. Avoidance of the straightforward, love of illusion and devotion to craft, assures all who commission him, be it for the creation of a new space, the re-imagining of an existing one, or for the invention of a product piece, that the outcome will be uniquely innovative, appropriately useful, exquisitely made and beyond convention.